Sunday, March 16, 2014

5 Ways To Keep Your Kids Active Indoors

Let's face it, we all want our kids to stay healthy and active, even on cold, rainy days when it's best to stay indoors. There are exciting ways that you can redirect them from video games and cartoons. Along with nutrient rich foods that you provide for your child, an active lifestyle is equally important too. Weight is gained if we consume more calories than are burned. So unplug the television, put the game console up. Allow your child to unleash their natural born energy in these fun and entertaining ways.


This one is my personal favorite. We have the one that swings and the boys use it every opportunity (every time they look at it in the doorway) possible. I suggest placing the Pull-Up-Bar where it is easily accessed, and if possible where you least likely will bump your head trying to pass under it. This method is fantastic because it helps them to utilize some energy, work out their arms and upper body. They could also hang upside down and do crunches to work out the little tummies; great for adults too! Leave it up to your child's creative mind, they will find many ways to utilize it.


Oh yes, a trampoline! Depending on the amount of space you have, there are different sizes 36",  38", 40", 48", 55" to choose from. Some have enclosed nets for extra safety. Our amount of space supports a 48in trampoline, its big enough for my two active boys. This is a nice cardio workout for kids, without them even realizing it, because they will be having to much fun burning energy. (Tip: Make sure the ceiling fan is not overhead the trampoline.


Some scooters are okay for indoor use. Obviously you would want to save the "electric" scooters, "spark flying" scooters for outside use only. They are still very cool and fun, nonetheless. If you can afford the space indoors, a "kid powered" scooter will work out nicely. Hard flooring is best instead of carpeted. Make sure the floors are clear to avoid falls and injuries, for goodness sake stay out of the kitchen. Let the good times roll!


Jumping rope goes way back, but it's timeless in fun and effective calorie burning. This method is perfect for indoors. Play some high energy music while the kids jump-rope while you join in with them! In just 10 minutes, you can burn 135 calories. What a great way to spend time with your kids while keeping everyone in shape.


This is one fun boosting way to cure the indoor boredom. There is a variety of hula-hoops that can be found. I found the LED Hula Hoops to be particularly intriguing. Although the physical activity of hula-hooping itself is easy to use,  the hula-hoop is pretty versatile. Let the kids compete by spinning the hula-hoop around the arm for as long as they can, whoever spins the longest wins. It will improve blood flow to the brain and improve your child's coordination.

Hopefully you and your children will enjoy these absolutely fantastic ways to stay vibrant and healthy.